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Alt/Rock band, Beyond The Sun is made up of 3 brothers Phil, Dalton and Colin Radu from Toronto. What started as living room concerts for their parents at the ages of 6, 8 and 11 would lead to over a decade later, hearing themselves on Sirius XM radio and performing for a 7,000 person sold-out crowd at Puerto Rico’s Wild Summer Festival. Their journey is one of highs and lows from playing over 200 shows as pre-teens all over Southern Ontario and NY state to Phil attending Berklee College of Music to the guys finding themselves as grown adults working a myriad of odd jobs, all while creating their identity and sound. 


Over the years the guys have built up a solid network of co-writers & collaborators such as Eric Bass (Shinedown), Valley, Kyle Reynolds, Karl Michael, Knox, Nick Wheeler (The All-American Rejects). In 2022 the band was finally able to return to stages in Canada to support their recent string of new singles. With a new EP and more live shows on the way, the band is gearing up for a busy 2024.

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