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Alt/Rock band, Beyond The Sun is made up of 3 brothers Phil, Dalton and Colin Radu from Toronto. What started as living room concerts for their parents at the ages of 6, 8 and 11 would lead to over a decade later, hearing themselves on Sirius XM radio and performing for a 7,000 person sold-out crowd at Puerto Rico’s Wild Summer Festival. Their journey is one of highs and lows from playing over 200 shows as pre-teens all over Southern Ontario and NY state to Phil attending Berklee College of Music to the guys finding themselves as grown adults working a myriad of odd jobs, all while creating their identity and sound. The band moved to Nashville in 2016, reinvigorated they threw themselves into a community of musicians building a network of close friends and collaborators right up till March 2020 when the pandemic moved them back home, where they stayed creative shifting to Zoom writes. 



Over the years the guys have built up a solid network of co-writers & collaborators such as Eric Bass (Shinedown), Valley, Kyle Reynolds, Karl Michael, Joey Hyde, Nick Wheeler (The All-American Rejects). Now in 2022 the band spent the first two months back in their second home of Nashville writing & recording, now looking forward to returning to stages where they can unleash their new repertoire of songs as well as crowd favourites.

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